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"WARNING", 3f, 2m, full-length, 2022 Princess Grace Award semi-finalist. Timelines from 2020, 1918 and Greek Mythology converge, creating a cascade of women fighting to be heard above the roar of powerful men.

"HOUSEWIFE" 4w, 2022 Alpine Fellowship Theatre Prize shortlist, 2023 Princess Grace Award semi-finalist, read by The Barrow Group. What happens when the "perfect" 1950's Housewife is actually on amphetamines?


"BUGLE BOY", a play with music, 3m 3w, full-length, read by PRWF. With 1940's standards & real love letters from WW2, Bugle Boy looks at the ripple effect acts of service can have

on a community.

"MIGRATE", 3w, 2m, full-length, read by PRWF and

The Barrow Group, explores two immigrant girls in 1840's NYC, examining class, tribalism, and the mythology of the American Dream.


"Uprooted", 3w, 2m, full-length, read by PRWF. A feminist

re-telling of the early witch-hunts in England, mixed with

magic and midwifery.


"Down the Rabbithole: Into Other Realms"-TYA piece created for the Reiffton Artist in Residency, also done at Lyric Arts, (ideal for ages 7-15)

"Chaining Zero", a new musical, (Additional Book)

2021 NMTC Eugene O'Neill semi-finalist, readings  in Nashville, NYC and a workshop at Kent State University.

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To read more of Alāna's work, including short plays, go to her npx:

Inquiries about Rights and Royalties, email:


a tunnel of trees

threading the needle through pines

freshly fallen snow- ( published by

the Nick Virgilio Haiku Association)

What you want to ignite in others, must first burn inside yourself.~ Charlotte Brontë

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