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for a free consultation or to 

schedule a session.

Available to speak at your next

event or conference on:

  •  Empathy in the Workplace

  • Corporate role play

  • Empathy & Communication  skills workshops.


Also available to Coach and give Master Classes, online or in person exploring:

  • Monologue work

  • Acting a Song

  • Sides/Scene work

  • H.S & College Audition Prep

  • Acting Technique

  • Script Analysis.

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"Alana provided great information about how strong of an impact empathy has in the workplace. She allowed members to understand that they have the ability to truly connect with their patients, coworkers, and managers in a healthcare setting. It was a great reminder of the little things that we can do to allow people to feel heard and seen. She created a great presentation!"  

Prexnie Legrand, DeSales University, Event Organizer

"Alana provides students with a safe space to create and perform, and has given me some of the best experiences and suggestions I needed to grow into the person I am today. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for preparing me for bigger and better things. I will carry these special moments throughout my life."

Marissa Berardo, Rhode Island College

"Alana creates a supportive environment that makes her students feel safe to take risks and challenge themselves. Through her patience and dedication, she helped me to become a more confident auditioner, and a more present and grounded actor."

Truly Siskind-Weiss, NYC actor/playwright

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. ~Edgar Degas 

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