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"She's in her kingdom wearing disguises,

living a life that is

full of surprises."



Thanks for stopping by! I have always had a thirst to inhabit underestimated people and share their stories. The power of storytelling and the ability it has to open our hearts and minds is why I'm called to create. Did you know people's heartbeats sync when they watch a live performance together? Even if they don't know each other!


I'm an only child who grew up in rural Pennsylvania, playing in the woods and making magic.


Now based in Brooklyn, I live with my partner, Jon, our rescue Pekingese, Calliope, and former alley cat, Royal.

I seek out the good in every situation and try to always lead with integrity. Let's connect and collaborate on something soon!


Those who don't believe in magic will never find it - Roald Dahl

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